Obsessed with finger painting at age 3 and later enthralled by paint by numbers at the young age of 10, I was always finding ways to explore my artistic tendencies through paint.  A lefty to my very core, I couldn’t get enough of the art classes available in my small hometown of Magnolia, Texas.  Immediately following High School, I moved to a town right outside of Austin, Texas, where I received my double BFA in Painting and Photography in 2010 at Texas State University.  I had the opportunity to take photography and art history classes in Florence, Italy during the summer of 2009.  It was there that I realized my artistic practice was something much more than a hobby, and would be my career, my life, my obsession.  After getting accepted into the graduate program at the San Francisco Art Institute, I wasted no time moving to California to continue pursuing and broadening my artistic career.  There, I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in Painting in 2012, while gaining incomparable experience through interaction with my peers, working under incredible mentors, and as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course at SFAI.   I have since moved back to Austin, Texas, where I work as a muralist and studio artist full time.